Timeless Beauty from Our Granite Quarries

As a leading domestic granite supplier, Coldspring offers one of the widest selections of granite colors in every hue of the spectrum to perfectly complement your creative vision. Whether for landscape or building applications, make your mark and make it last with granite.

Advanced Granite Fabrication with a Personal Touch

If you can imagine it, Coldspring can create it. Our most advanced manufacturing technology allows us to create designs in granite that would have been thought impossible in years past. But we never forget the importance of hands-on attention. Our skilled craftsmen work alongside our high-tech fabrication equipment, giving your granite individual attention throughout the process. And our expert craftsmen hand-carve elaborate creations on canvases of stone with the skill only decades of experience can offer.

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“Granite as a material selection provides a nice connection between the existing and the new, it’s a timeless product.”


Why Granite?

Granite is one of the most durable surfaces on the planet. Capable of withstanding the elements of weather and human interaction, granite excels in all types of situations due to its hardness and resistance to wear. With low maintenance and minimal upkeep, granite structures built more than half a century ago remain standing as a testament to the material’s resilience and natural sustainability.

There are good reasons why granite is one of the oldest building materials in use, and why it remains the building material of choice for so many modern architectural designs. Its beauty and presence can convey a broad spectrum of feelings, from power and tranquility to community and divine inspiration, making it well suited for both bold statements and subtle natural harmony. The perfect complement to any design, granite shines for all types of projects.


These days, many project owners are looking to achieve as much value as possible out of their ventures. And one of the best ways to maximize a project’s value is by specifying an enduring, durable and high-performance product like natural stone. When you select and specify stone to maximize the material’s benefits, you’ll bring your vision to life while providing owners with an environmentally sustainable solution that meets their needs.

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Mother Nature's Green Building Material

Low Embodied Energy

Granite is known for its low-embodied energy due to its abundance and natural formation process, requiring minimal energy input for extraction and processing. This makes it an environmentally-friendly choice for construction and architectural applications, promoting sustainability and reducing carbon footprint.

Natural Material

Granite is a natural material that forms deep within the Earth’s crust through the cooling and solidification of magma. Its unique mineral composition and distinctive patterns give it a timeless and authentic appeal, unlike with manmade options, no two pieces of granite are exactly alike.

Red List Free

Granite is a red-list free material, meaning it does not contain any substances listed on the red list of hazardous materials. This makes it a safe and non-toxic option for use in various applications, ensuring the health and well-being of both occupants and the environment.

American Made, American Built

When you need a granite supplier you can trust, count on Coldspring to deliver. Because we operate our own granite quarries and fabrication facilities, your supply chain remains uninterrupted. Our ability to meet delivery times keeps your project on schedule. At Coldspring, we are the source – the complete domestic source for all your granite needs.

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Compare Stone Colors

Case Studies

We’ve incorporated granite into a huge number of stunning projects, from facing and paving to landscape and civic monuments. See what we have to offer by checking out some our biggest granite projects:

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