Unique, Distinct & Intricately Detailed Bronze Signage & Plaques

Add the perfect finishing touch to your building and landscape projects with bronze plaques and signs from Coldspring. These displays provide a distinctive way to identify, honor, wayfind or dedicate.

The Value of Bronze

Bronze is well known for its popularity in memorials and signage due to its permanence and beauty. Bronze also has a reputation for durability and resistance to the elements, ensuring it will stand the test of time as part of your project. At Coldspring, not only can we provide you with the highest-quality bronze, we can also customize it with messages, emblems or even photos.

Our Foundry

Applications for Bronze

Identifying street names, buildings and other geographical locations and landmarks

Honoring individuals


Recognizing achievements

Dedicating things such as building and park projects

Accolade® Expressions

Establish our image and create an impression of strength and reliability with Accolade bronze signage. As a durable and timeless interior and exterior solution for permanent signage, markers, accolades, and environmental graphics, bronze is nearly indestructible and highly resistant to weather; requiring little to no maintenance.

Our patented Accolade Expressions photo-realistic process offers the ultimate in personalization.

U.S. Patent No. 8,720,527

Case Studies

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