Natural Stone Flooring, Staircases, Fireplaces & More

The sheer volume of options for finishes and qualities makes natural stone uniquely suited for interior applications. You can count on Coldspring to provide high-quality granite and other stone for high-profile public and commercial projects.

Customization Opportunities

One of the major advantages of using Coldspring natural stone for your project is its high level of customizability. We’ve worked with clients to design some truly stunning interior features, and that wouldn’t be possible without the versatility of our granite and other natural stone options. Natural stone is well equipped to grab attention, whether for a highly noticeable statement piece or for a standard feature, such as granite flooring, that might go unnoticed without our array of options and high-quality design services.

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“The entire process was handled very well by Coldspring without any construction conflicts or design issues, we were happy to have them as part of our team for this building.”


Our Capabilities

From corner joints to grand entrances, natural stone is useful for a huge number of different architectural components. If you have an ambitious commercial project planned, or even a modest project, work with Coldspring to get gorgeous, durable stone for:

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