Permanent Cremation Memorials to Preserve Legacy

Whether families bring home cremated remains, take them to a meaningful location, or both, they should also be thinking about a more permanent way to memorialize a loved one for the years and decades to follow.

Coldspring can help you provide everything from community buildings and glass-front niches to more personalized memorials such as benches, boulders, butterflies and cremation pillars.

Why Choose Memorialization After Cremation?

You know where a loved one’s cremated remains are located shortly after the service. But what about in five, 10 or 50 years? Without a central location for memorializing a loved one, family and friends may gradually stop getting together to reflect and remember. By pursuing a permanent memorial to house cremated remains or to simply provide a gathering place, families can create a worthy and lasting tribute for generations to come.

Limitless Memorial Options

Cemeteries, memorial gardens, churches, universities and other public spaces across the country now set aside spaces for remembering cremated loved ones. Glass niches, columbariums and mausoleums are popular community memorial options. Markers, pillars, benches, and outdoor gardens are popular personal memorial options, but almost anything is possible.

Coldspring is the only partner you need to continue offering the options families prefer that makes full use of your available space. Our landscaping consultants can help you brainstorm cremation memorial ideas, identify potential sites and implement plans based on your needs, resulting in magnificent spaces that enhance the natural features of your grounds.

Community Options

Meet the rising demand for cremation by partnering with Coldspring for your columbarium needs. We combine unparalleled expertise and design flexibility to translate your vision into reality. Provide families with attractive, enduring cremation memorials that align with nearly any budget. Often, these can be part of a larger multi-product cremation garden.

Columbariums & Mausoleums

Personal Options

Options for personalized memorials have grown in tandem with the rising popularity of cremation. The possibilities are essentially limitless for how you can help families capture the individuality and beautifully pay tribute to a loved one who has been cremated. We can help you explore the options and choose the right suite of memorials to offer the families you serve.

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