Quarry Materials

Leverage Quarried Materials for Civil Construction

As one of North America’s largest natural stone quarriers, Coldspring offers an abundant supply of raw stone products, from blocks and slabs to jetty, rip-rap and aggregate.


From material selection through site preparation, delivery coordination and on-time arrival at your location, Coldspring makes the entire experience smooth and worry-free for you. Among other things, our clients have used these materials for:

  • Road bases
  • Erosion control
  • Shore protection
  • Dam reconstruction
  • Bituminous mixture

Quarry Products

For a variety of civil construction applications, natural stone provides an environmentally responsible alternative to concrete, composites and other commonly used materials. Natural stone is more durable than these materials, and it requires minimal processing. It is also available locally in most markets, reducing transportation costs and fossil fuels usage.

When it comes to leveraging quarried materials for civil construction purposes, superior product availability and proximity are only part of why you should partner with Coldspring. You’ll also have a dedicated, experienced team of specialists working on your behalf and applying industry best practices throughout the process.

Blocks & Slabs

Coldspring offers quarry blocks for projects around the globe. When Coldspring provides your building materials, you’ll experience unmatched quality of product combined with the integrity, reliability and dependability all our clients have come to expect. Standard blocks range in size from 290cm (and less) in length x 172 cm (and less) in height. Larger and custom sizes are available upon request.

Block Sales

FAQ: Quarrying Processes

Our commitment to efficiency and environmental stewardship sets us apart. With advanced technology at the core of our operations, we optimize our quarrying methods to ensure top-quality granite at competitive prices. Learn more about our quarrying processes below.

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Coldspring has unmatched levels of industry knowledge and expertise, delivered by representatives who value honesty above all. Working with a company known for its integrity gives you peace of mind as you plan your project. Simply put, we’re not going anywhere. You can count on Coldspring!


Utilizing the stone industry’s most technologically advanced quarrying equipment and techniques, Coldspring produces blocks according to your specification and provides the material you want in the quantities you need. What’s more, an array of colors gives you all the options your project could need.


Coldspring’s large column producing quarries provide your project with a consistent color you can depend on, from start to finish. And because Coldspring controls the process from extraction to delivery, you experience greater control over your project timeline and budget.

Our Sustainability Commitment

Coldspring is among the world’s most environmentally responsible stone producers.

Building on a long-standing commitment to establishing and promoting industry-wide best practices that treat the source of our products (the earth) with respect, Coldspring is dedicated to developing and maintaining resource management and processing practices that minimize our impact on the environment.

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Case Studies

See how quarried materials can fit into your next project! Here are just some of the ways we have helped customers specify durable, sustainable and plentiful natural stone material for their road construction, landscaping, erosion control, shore protection and dam reconstruction projects.

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