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Granite. Limestone. Sandstone. Bronze. These are just some of the materials that Coldspring can specify for you. Together with our selection of colors, finishes and graphical elements, our long list of materials options gives you access to everything you need for your commercial project.


Granite is durable, sustainable and environmentally friendly, requires very little maintenance, and, when designed properly, it looks fantastic. As an experienced granite provider, we have a huge variety of color options to ensure your finished product looks perfect, and our highly skilled team will work with you to design a project that meets all of your needs.


Well suited for cladding, building facades, structures and more, limestone is known to stand the test of time. We offer a variety of cuts and finishes on our Kasota Valley® Limestone, making it possible to incorporate it into a wide variety of projects that will withstand both time and weather.


In addition to being durable and sustainable, sandstone is known to be easy to install and maintain, as well as for its rich character. At Coldspring, we’ve worked with clients to create sandstone pavers, retaining walls, benches, exterior cladding and more to meet their needs.


Visual appeal is only the tip of the iceberg with bronze, which offers reliability and permanence for such uses as street signs. On top of signs and recognition plaques, our state-of-the-art foundry produces bronze for military and first responder memorials, text plates, and more, all of it adding a level of quality and prestige.


Testing Standards for Natural Stone

Each stone has unique physical properties that may or may not lend themselves to the intended application. One key to understanding the physical properties of natural stone is working with an experienced natural stone supplier who can provide guidance and expertise early in the design process. A design team may have particular aesthetic goals in mind, but will that beautiful white limestone perform in the environment in which it’s placed? Working with a natural stone expert and understanding each stone’s properties will ensure the right stone has been selected for the project and bolster the architect’s case for their choice of stone.

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