Natural Stone Cladding for Exterior Application

A lot of considerations go into choosing the best material for exterior cladding, and natural stone often offers the best performance when features such as durability, beauty and permanence are important. Exterior stone cladding designs make an excellent option for meeting historical preservation goals, or when constructing a new structure in a historical area.

Finding the Right Cladding for Your Project

While natural stone has been used for building exteriors since ancient times, stone cladding entered the modern architecture scene in the 1980s, when buildings clad entirely in natural stone dominated the design preferences. These days, modern cladding designs often incorporate natural stone with other materials.

Across a broad spectrum of uses, granite consistently meets the physical requirements and performance standards for cladding applications. As a result, it’s a very popular choice among design teams.


When the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) needed a new building, the material to use was Sierra White® granite from Coldspring. For the city of San Francisco, Sierra White is a legacy stone and has been used since the late 1800s.

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Natural stone has been the building material of choice since the beginning of time due to its strength and durability. With seemingly endless possibilities that can create a unique and dramatic exterior, natural stone cladding also delivers a striking aesthetic to projects big and small. By fully understanding natural stone cladding’s capabilities, design teams can push the limits of imagination and design a stunning project that will be an inspiration for years to come. Our accredited course, Achieving Stunning Results with Exterior Cladding, will examine stone selection and fabrication, external forces affecting natural stone cladding, and the different cladding techniques used today.


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