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Durable, Timeless Bronze Memorial Markers You Can Count on

Our bronze memorial experts at Coldspring understand the responsibility of honoring loved ones and always strive to do what’s right for you and the families you serve. With their passion, deep product knowledge, and commitment to efficient delivery, you can trust our team to create personalized memorials that meet every family’s unique specifications. Bronze, composed of copper, tin, zinc, and lead, has gained popularity for its timeless beauty and durability against the elements. For nearly 75 years, Coldspring’s Granit Bronz® memorials have been known for exceptional quality, customizability, and value. From design to dedication, our trusted and experienced team will work diligently to craft a beautiful and unique bronze memorial for the families you serve, celebrating the life it represents.


To control quality and reduce time from delivery to setting, Coldspring fully assembles bronze-on-granite memorials by hand that are ready for placement when they arrive at your location. These memorials combine the rich beauty of bronze with the timeless durability of granite in numerous colors, in styles ranging from classic to contemporary and traditional to personalized.

Find the Right Bronze Emblem

Everyone’s tastes are unique — and nothing is more personal than a memorial design. That’s why Coldspring offers an unparalleled assortment of bronze memorial emblems ranging from simple to ornate and classic to contemporary. And thanks to our online Bronze Emblem Viewer, it’s fast and easy to narrow the options to what you need.

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Find Your Inspiration

To help you move from general ideas to something more specific, you may find it helpful to look through images of examples of all bronze memorial options we offer. If you’re here for a family member and see something that inspires you, your monument dealer, funeral home or cemetery can help you transform it into a Coldspring personalized memorial.

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Expressions in Bronze®

As beautiful and enduring as the memories they celebrate, these image-based memorials offer the ultimate in personalization. Families can use their own photos to tell the story of a loved one’s life, which we render in ultra-realistic detail in bronze. Whether it’s a single cherished image or collage of photographs from over the years, our artists will work by hand to create a stunning, one-of-a-kind tribute to a life well lived.

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Cremation Solutions

Coldspring offers a wide variety of beautiful and distinctive ways for families to pay tribute to individuals who have been cremated. From benches, plaques, butterflies and pillars to glass niches, columbariums and mausoleums, Coldspring is the only partner you need to ensure you have the ideal solution for families who seek a permanent cremation memorialization location.

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Emblems & Accessories

Help families personalize one step further through a broad assortment of Coldspring emblems and accessories. Choosing from a wide variety of letter styles, borders, emblems and other personal touches helps to enhance the beauty and individuality of any bronze memorial.

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Make a Bold Statement in Bronze

Establish your image and create an impression of strength and reliability with Accolade® bronze signage. As a durable, timeless solution for permanent interior or exterior signage, markers, accolades, and environmental graphics, bronze is nearly indestructible and highly resistant to weather, requiring little to no maintenance. Our patented photo-realistic process offers the ultimate in personalization.


Coldspring's DuraFinish

Strength over time and a beautiful finish: That’s exactly what we promise with DuraFinish. Applied in two layers and custom-formulated exclusively for Coldspring, this unique finish, available in both matte and glossy, is designed to slow the natural oxidation of bronze, resulting in an attractive and natural patina on a memorial that stands up to the elements. DuraFinish is true to its namesake, delivering durability that exceeds the United States Department of Veterans Affairs memorial standard specifications.

A Whole Team Behind You

For 125 years, we’ve remained committed to differentiating our business through exceptional customer service. That commitment is alive and well today. Every Coldspring partnership includes a dedicated service representative to provide personal support through the entire design and ordering process. You can feel fully confident that your bronze memorial will receive the attention and care it deserves.

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Online Services

Today’s account management for funeral and memorial professionals allows you to experience definitive advantages through 24/7 access to orders, electronic documents, design tools and other special features. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all Coldspring has to offer:

Personal Reflections® | Memorial Design Tool

This complimentary, web-based, interactive memorial design and ordering system adds unmatched speed, simplicity and personalization to the real-time design of memorials alongside families. It is a proven tool for streamlining your process, increasing close rates and enhancing the customer experience.

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MyColdspring™ | Account Management System

The secure and user-friendly MyColdspring online account management system provides convenient 24/7 access to quotes, order status, invoices, order forms, drawing revisions and much more — all at your fingertips and accessible 24/7.

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