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For thousands of years, granite has been chosen as a preferred natural stone for creating beautiful and enduring memorials. Its diverse range of colors, textures, and unique characteristics appeals to various tastes, budgets, and preferences. Granite’s exceptional durability ensures that families can gather for generations, while our renowned expertise at Coldspring guarantees the highest-quality quarrying, fabrication, and service. We create personalized granite memorials as unique works of art, incorporating bronze, portraits, emblems, and other customization options. With a wide selection of granite colors and textures, we offer endless possibilities to create lasting and meaningful tributes for families.

The Full Color Assortment

You’ll find something for every taste, preference and budget, all designed to the highest of specifications for quality and craftsmanship. Our skilled stone artisans carve and sketch directly onto the granite surface, with portraits and emblems that may be affixed to further personalize the memorial.

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Traditional Memorials

From markers and bevels to slants, ledgers and upright/base combinations, granite is a highly versatile memorial that can be customized in many ways to create a truly unique and personalized piece for every family. View our image gallery for inspiration now.

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Cremation Memorials

Granite can be incorporated in a variety of ways to create permanent cremation memorials for families to gather and reflect. Whether it’s a bench, boulder, pillar, personal columbarium or flush cremation marker, you can count on Coldspring to deliver exactly the piece you and your clients envision.

Cremation Products

Emblems & Accessories

Help families personalize one step further through a broad assortment of Coldspring emblems and accessories. Our wide variety of carving and lettering styles, borders, emblems and other personal touches helps to enhance the beauty and individuality of any granite memorial.

Assembled Memorials

To control quality and reduce time from delivery to setting, Coldspring fully assembles bronze-on-granite memorials by hand that are ready for placement when they arrive at your location. These memorials combine the timeless durability of granite with the rich beauty of bronze in numerous colors, in styles ranging from classic to contemporary and traditional to personalized.

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Online Services

Today’s account management for funeral and memorial professionals allows you to experience definitive advantages through 24/7 access to orders, electronic documents, design tools and other special features. Make sure you’re taking advantage of all Coldspring has to offer:

Personal Reflections® | Memorial Design Tool

This complimentary, web-based, interactive memorial design and ordering system adds unmatched speed, simplicity and personalization to the real-time design of memorials alongside families. It is a proven tool for streamlining your process, increasing close rates and enhancing the customer experience.

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MyColdspring™ | Account Management System

The secure and user-friendly MyColdspring online account management system provides convenient 24/7 access to quotes, order status, invoices, order forms, drawing revisions and much more — all at your fingertips and accessible 24/7.

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A Whole Team Behind You

For 125 years, we’ve remained committed to differentiating our business through exceptional customer service. That commitment is alive and well today. Every Coldspring partnership includes a dedicated service representative to provide personal support through the entire design and ordering process. You can feel fully confident that your granite memorial will receive the attention and care it deserves.

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