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First impressions matter, especially when it comes to entryways, landscapes, hardscapes and other types of construction. In outdoor plazas and parks with inspired designs, we find connection in our human experience. Outside, we gather – safely and peacefully, celebrating life together. All of us. For generations to come.

Creating Spaces that Last

When it’s important to design for the future, natural stone from Coldspring creates spaces that last, that define a generation. If you can dream it, we can build it – with something enduring, something solid, something true and noble. Like genuine stone from Mother Earth. Let us help you create a vision for your community.

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Natural Stone for Your Outdoor Spaces

With the industry’s most advanced manufacturing and quarrying capabilities, Coldspring can bring your vision – any vision – to life. Our Coldspring family across the United States works as hard as our stone to make every piece stand the test of time. Let us help you create a vision for your community.

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Benefits of Natural Stone for Hardscape Projects

Natural stone is known for its value as a walking surface, as well as a surface for gathering spaces. It’s highly durable, able to resist both the elements and the ravages of time better than many other materials. It’s versatile, with countless options for colors, finishes and textures. And it’s low-maintenance, able to resist splits and chips, and hold its integrity and its appearance with very little work.

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Download Our eBook “Natural Stone Paver Installation: A Guide to Setting Methods for Project Success"

A successful paving project with natural stone depends on a proper installation, which includes the correct installation method for the project’s conditions. With an understanding of the various setting methods and their differences, landscape architects will be able to specify the appropriate application for the project’s conditions and goals. Learn more in our free eBook.

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The community in Terre Haute, Indiana, had a vision—to reconnect their downtown with the river that runs through it. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of local leaders, a non-profit arts organization, one artist and one of the leading natural stone suppliers in North America, that vision became a reality.

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Case Studies

You can find out more about the kind of hardscape work we’re capable of by checking out a few of our larger projects:

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