Personal Reflections®

Highly Customizable Granite & Bronze Memorial Design Tool

As a trusted, free, web-based design and ordering system, Personal Reflections is the most sophisticated, user-friendly memorial design software on the market today. Featuring an interactive interface, real-time memorial design rendering and a user experience tailored to your business, Personal Reflections further streamlines your sales process, making things easier for your business and more comfortable for the families already facing a difficult time.

A Personalized Experience for Your Families

A tool unique to Coldspring, Personal Reflections offers a memorial design experience for an increasingly virtual world. By using it with your customers, you can help them create customized memorials that tell the story of their loved one’s life, incorporating images, personal verses or any other visual elements they may want to include.

Watch the process below and experience how it can streamline your business.

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A Single, Seamless Process

Use our online design and ordering tool to combine memorial or market selection and ordering into a single experience. Guide families through an interactive selection process that displays full-color photographic renderings of how a customized memorial will look, in real time, as options are chosen. Personal Reflections also simplifies the pre-need design process for families looking to make arrangements ahead of time, so their loved ones can contribute to the memorial.

Intuitive Workflow

Enjoy enhanced editing capabilities with offerings such as “real-size” dimension gridlines and easy-to-use alignment tools.

Customized Design

Choose from an expanded product offering, including granite and bronze, along with endless design options.

Real-Time Rendering

View, in real time, your design selections as full-color, photo-realistic renderings, making the selection process and presentation to your families easier than ever before.

Dedicated Customer Service with Quality Control & Proofing

We understand that every system update comes with a learning curve – no matter what system is being updated. The same holds true with Personal Reflections, but there’s no need to worry. Coldspring is here to help.

We can organize a live demo to introduce you to Personal Reflections, so you understand the system inside and out, and a Coldspring customer service representative dedicated to your account is just one phone call away. For immediate assistance, we have a chat feature available where an expert can guide you through the design process. Additionally, all submitted orders are checked by Coldspring’s knowledgeable staff to ensure proper specifications and avoid errors.

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“Personal Reflections allows the family to see their sample memorial marker before they leave our office, which is a comfort to them. There is something about a visual experience vs. a typed order form for approving a memorial marker.”


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