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U.S.-Based Natural Stone Quarries

At Coldspring, we are the source – the complete domestic source for all your natural stone needs. As good environmental stewards, we make it a priority to protect the earth.

Cutting-Edge Quarry Operations

At every Coldspring U.S.-based quarry, we use the most advanced quarrying techniques and our mobile equipment and “drive-in” functionality allows us access to all levels of quarry strata. This allows stone selection based on piece size, color variations or other considerations.

As good stewards, we quarry on demand. By adding mobile equipment and crews as needed, we extend our capacity to quarry when needed. With precise efficiency, our high-tech Diamond Wire Saws open up and develop various areas of the quarry.

We are committed to our U.S. stone quarries. And once we extract your stone, it’s on its way to a Coldspring-owned fabrication facility in the United States.

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American Made, American Built


Environmental Stewardship

As good stewards of the earth, we work efficiently and minimize waste. We create lasting beauty from Mother Nature’s finest green building material. And we certify our quarries to rigorous standards.

Our Sustainability Story


Is a North American stone or one that’s imported the right choice for your project? Examine various considerations from time frame, finishes, stone colors, sustainability, and more to decide. No matter the type of project, the goal remains the same – a beautiful tribute that stands the test of time. Natural stone meets these requirements as the most striking, durable material to use for building projects.

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Learn more about our quarrying practices by reaching out to Coldspring today, or explore our selection directly by browsing our block sales.