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Retirement Systems of Alabama

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PH&J Architects

The Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) – the administrator of public pension funds for Alabama’s state, local and public education employees located in Montgomery, Alabama’s capitol complex – required a new headquarters to accommodate expansion. RSA, a longtime client through partner PH&J Architects, had used Coldspring to provide stone on five previous projects. To build continuity with the other projects, PH&J drew on design elements from these buildings, creating continuity while distinguishing the new building from the other structures through interesting designs and stone varieties.

More than 70,000 square feet of granite was used in elaborate combinations of colors, finishes and patterns to complete this project. Carnelian® granite is showcased on the exterior cladding, interior plaza walls, benches, piers, and interior flooring. Royal Sable® makes up the exterior entry cladding, site wall facings and caps, exterior paving, eighth-floor balcony paving and interior lobby. All stone was finished in either Thermal or Polish finishes. Unique detailing is featured in the bookmatch design of the interior lobby floors, which forms an image in which the graining of the Rainbow® granite is mirrored four ways.

Throughout the entire project close contact and coordination between the teams members was crucial, resulting in exceptional quality.

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