The Memorialist’s Response to COVID: Remember Your Calling


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During these tough times, there are no certain answers to the questions plaguing us all: What will the world look like after we move through COVID-19? When will social distancing be something of the past? Will our business return to its previous levels?

As your trusted partner in helping you create the best solution for your clients to celebrate life, we wish we had answers for you. While we don’t have a crystal ball, we want to stress that we share the same commitment we have always had in helping you navigate the changing memorial industry. And, changing it is! Even before COVID-19, our industry was faced with a major shift in client preferences and how families are choosing to celebrate the lives of their loved ones.

With regards to COVID-19, feedback from our clients during the last month has indicated there’s no one-size-fits-all direction in terms of how we all proceed. The only constant is that families are not able to say goodbye to their loved ones in the manner in which we are all accustom. Funerals are being postponed, or limited in the number of attendees. 10 has been commonly cited but we have heard other numbers and a variety of other scenarios as well.

To this end, it’s evident the industry will have a need for permanent memorialization options. However, how do you market such offerings right now without seeming predatory in nature? Do you market at all? What about pre-planning services?

While some of you have suspended pre-planning to limit face-to-face meetings, others have pursued making arrangements with technology such as Zoom. It is, for sure, a delicate balancing act. And one that is best guided, in our opinion, by reconnecting to your mission and purpose.

What do we mean? Well, your role in the death care industry is more important now than ever to help families work through the grief process. In our opinion, the key to navigating these tough times is for you to reconnect to your purpose of helping family members honor their loved ones with personal, lasting tributes.

Remember that your calling is to help families grieve in their chosen way. Can you help the family create a meaningful memorial to celebrate the life of their loved one? How can you help families move through this tough time?

So, how do you reconnect to your purpose as well as your clients in a manner that seems appropriate in today’s world? First and foremost, make sure you take care of your employees and yourself. By helping them navigate these challenging times, they become better stewards of your mission.

Next, make one-on-one communication a cornerstone of your efforts. Clients likely are inundated with marketing information and email communication right now.  Making personal connections is always important, but it’s now more crucial than ever before. We’re craving the human connection. Pick up the phone, not with the intent to make a sale. Rather, view each conversation as a chance to build your connection and offer support.

One of the silver linings of COVID-19 is a recognition by most that we’re in this together. As your partner, Coldspring is more committed than ever to weather this storm and navigate the current and future landscape.

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