Why You Should Consider Multiple Finishes for Memorial Projects

Dowd Private Estates® Mausoleum

Granite provides an ideal building material for memorial projects due to its permanence, durability and natural beauty. Oftentimes, families think they need a variety of colors to achieve a beautiful memorial. However, choosing multiple finishes of the same stone can help create the contrast and variety they’re looking for while savings costs. Here are some of our favorite benefits of incorporating multiple finishes in memorial projects.

Coordinate with Subtle Contrast

When incorporated into a memorial project, different finishes can bring numerous benefits to the project. Popular finish options for memorial projects include Polish, Rub & Sand, Thermal, and Rock Pitch. Each finish provides a unique look that can help personalize a family’s memorial.

carnelian granite swatches

Applying multiple finishes creates a subtle contrast, as opposed to the stark contrast of different colored stones. And when a memorial incorporates several finishes of the same stone, the slight variations can create a cohesive look. As a result, aesthetic variation can be achieved within the same piece versus using multiple pieces.

For the Stuart Private Estates® mausoleum, multiple finishes of the variegated Rainbow® granite achieve contrast in the finished construction. In this example, Rainbow granite takes on a lighter shade when a Rub & Sand finish is applied to its columns, compared to the Polish finish of the building’s façade. Each finish creates subtle variations in texture and tone to unify the construction.

In a similar example, the Nottolini Private Estates mausoleum features Rainbow granite in Rub & Sand finish for the columns and Polish finish for the façade. The Rub & Sand finish on Private Estates columns and entablature add prominence to the building’s architectural lines.

Produce an Enticing Design

Sometimes, a change in finish creates an interesting design element. For example, a hand-carved ornamentation surrounding the entrance of a family mausoleum in a contrasting finish, such as a Polish building with Thermal details, can create attractive visual appeal. You can also use texture changes to accent or draw attention to key features within a project.

The Pate Private Estates mausoleum provides a beautiful example of multiple finishes creating design elements. In this project, Carnelian® granite in a honed finish creates a border in the walkway at the front of the monument. Carnelian granite in Polish finish is used for the building’s façade, and a Thermal finish creates a non-slip surface on the paving.

Another great example of a finish creating a design element is found at the Aldanson Private Estates mausoleum, where Lac Du Bonnet® granite constructed the building. In this project, a Rock Pitch finish provides rugged accents for the mausoleum’s doors and façade.

memorialCreate Functionality

Selecting different finishes in stone for a memorial project can assist in creating functionality. For example, if the Private Estates design incorporates a patio and bench seating, different textures should be specified for each. The patio’s paver in Thermal finish would provide a non-slip walkway, which is oftentimes bordered by stone in a Polish trim for contract. Benches added in a Polish finish creates an easy to clean bench seat that will not snag clothing as families visit the memorial.

An example of how different finishes achieve functionality is found at the Dowd Private Estates mausoleum. Here, Carnelian granite in Thermal finish creates a non-slip staircase. The same Carnelian granite is found on the mausoleum’s columns in Rub & Sand finish to create a different look.

Save Costs

Finallydon’t forget the benefits of quarrying one stone color to maximize the project’s budget. Several different stones are often selected to add different colors and shade variations, but doing so can quickly stretch a family’s budget by requiring material to be brought in from multiple suppliers. The family may have a specific appearance in mind but don’t realize the various available finish options to achieve a look they’re going to love. Additionally, choosing one stone with multiple finishes can reduce the number of pieces requiring installation, transferring into lower installation costs. Discussing the desires the family has for their memorial with a natural stone provider can help maximize the budget and bring their vision to life.

Veterans Memorial Tower

Endless Options

Multiple finishes can work on any natural stone project, whether Private Estates mausoleum, community columbaria and mausoleums, or other types of memorials. For a memorial park project in Toledo, multiple finishes achieve aesthetic appeal in a special columbarium for veterans. The columbarium is constructed from eight sections of radial-cut Carnelian granite in Polish and Rub & Sand finishes wrapped around a limestone tower.

When helping families decide how to honor their loved ones, it’s worth taking the time to present all the options to them, including the variety of finishes available. As you spend time getting to know the family and who they are, you can help identify ways to better personalize their memorial and lead them to greater satisfaction with the end product.

To learn more about how to maximize the use of different finishes for your project, contact your Coldspring representative.

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