Fall Is the Perfect Time to Prepare Buildings for the Winter

8 Tips for Fall Maintenance

Eight TIPS for Fall Maintenance on Mausoleums and Columbariums

When we think of the fall season, things that typically come to mind include football, apple cider, turning our clocks back, pumpkin spice and changing foliage colors. For cemetery owners, Fall is also the perfect time to prepare your memorial buildings for the winter.

Why is mausoleum and columbarium maintenance required? In colder climates, frigid temperatures, snow, ice and freeze-thaw cycles can all impact your buildings’ structures, particularly their roofs. Even in warmer parts of the country, freezing may be rare but can still occur. In addition, heavy rains and debris accumulated during the spring and summer months can add significant stress to roof systems, so it’s important for cemeteries across the country to perform preventative maintenance.

Consistently maintaining your cemetery buildings reduces potentially costly problems down the road. Roof leaks, drainage issues and inadequate ventilation are just a few problems that, if not addressed, can significantly damage the structure. A roof leak, which is most commonly caused by deterioration in the joints and flashings, can lead to dark spots on the walls and floor, shifts in the structure and unpleasant odors. A cemetery can benefit greatly from regular maintenance by identifying and repairing leaks early, which will help you avoid costly updates to fix the building or having to replace it.

While granite is durable and mostly maintenance-free, other components that make up the building structure require regular preventive care. When considering the type of maintenance you should do on a cemetery building, Coldspring offers the following eight tips to help you prepare for the changing seasons. These include:

8 Tips for Fall Maintenance on a Cemetery Building

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  • Get up on the roof and conduct an inspection of its penetrations and flashing to identify any cracks or gaps.
  • Clean flat roofs of all dirt, debris, contaminants and moisture.
  • Check for water leaks. Dark spots on the walls and floors are good indicators that water is getting into your structure.
  • Inspect joints and repair any that are loose with non-bleeding (NB) caulking.
  • Remove debris from drains, gutters and downspouts to eliminate blockage that could lead to drainage issues.
  • Prune branches hanging above your buildings to reduce debris accumulation on your roof and in your gutters and downspouts.
  • Examine the air vents to ensure they are clear and properly sealed.
  • Consider conducting bi-annual maintenance inspections—once in the fall and again in the spring. Regular preventive care of your buildings will protect your buildings year-round.

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