Coldspring’s 125th: the Legacy Continues

Ask anyone who works with natural stone, and they will likely recognize the name: Coldspring. Since 1898, this company headquartered in Cold Spring, Minnesota, has remained at the forefront in the quarrying and fabricating of stone for a variety of commercial, memorial and residential applications. The company, which is celebrating 125 years, is renowned for helping both its customers and employees make their marks on the world in ways that are built to last.

Coldspring’s longevity has been driven by a commitment to upholding the highest levels of quality and service while always innovating and adapting to continue delivering for customers. Throughout the decades, the company has evolved along with changing trends, economic cycles and ongoing technology advancement. This has required keeping a close eye on the markets, what colors and materials are in vogue, and what is needed to satisfy the needs of designers, architects, cemeteries, and monument builders. It also requires a commitment to optimizing operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

While many people know Coldspring for its work on iconic structures in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere, the company also serves the architectural, memorial and residential markets on projects of every size and scope. Materials used range from all types of natural stone – granite, limestone, sandstone and marble – to the highest quality bronze. Services also extend beyond fabrication to include design, drafting, project management and more.

Coldspring currently owns and operates more than 30 quarries and multiple stone fabrication facilities in New York, Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Texas, California and Canada. A bronze foundry is located at company headquarters in Minnesota. More than 1,000 employees currently support these operations.

Founding values alive and well today

Coldspring’s 125 years of success is primarily a story about people — good, hardworking, quality-focused people who share the same core beliefs as the company’s founder.

“Through all the changes and the ups and downs, we’ve been so fortunate to have people with the right values to help us overcome every challenge, which goes back to founder Henry Alexander, a Scottish stone cutter who started the company in 1890 and became sole owner in 1898,” said Mike O’Connor, who will soon co-lead the company alongside his wife Holly Alexander daughter of exiting CEO Pat Alexander. “The Alexander family has always been grounded in faith and approaching our business and people with the humility of a servant’s heart — that we’re all in this together to help one another succeed.”

“I see firsthand how our core values come to life every day, which can be summed up by our interpretation of the word HONOR,” O’Connor continued. “It’s all about asking the right questions: ‘Are we operating with honesty and integrity?’ ‘Are we delivering on our promises?’ ‘Are we exploring every possible angle to a challenge?’ Having such questions top of mind keeps our people engaged and our customers satisfied, which ultimately leads to strong bottom-line performance.”

O’Connor said that part of staying close to employees involves being open and transparent with them. One example is providing quarterly updates to openly share business results and forecasts with the entire company. The leadership team also makes frequent onsite visits to all company locations.

Excited for the future
O’Connor acknowledged that as the pace of change continues to accelerate in the markets Coldspring serves, the company will adhere to many of the same fundamentals that have served the business so well over the last 125 years.

“It goes back to being innovative and nimble, and finding a way to navigate through the uncertainties of the current environment,” he said. “At our core, we believe if we focus on our people, lead with a servant’s heart, live our core values and problem-solve as a team, we will continue to lead the industry for the next century and beyond. We couldn’t be more thrilled about what’s to come.”

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