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Utah Freedom Memorial


The monument centerpiece is a 15-foot-tall granite pentagonal obelisk, each side highlighting one of the five branches of the military. Five bronze plaques surround the monument, describing the value of freedom and explaining the cost of freedom through the eyes of all of those who have served, including the fallen, the wounded, the disabled, prisoners of war and the families who support them.

A separate granite pillar honors fallen soldiers on one side, depicting a helmet, identification tags, bayonet and combat boots. On the other side, a “wall of reflection” features a bronze statue of a woman touching the reflection of the hand of her soldier, honoring “the courageous sacrifice of those who are left behind” during military deployments. The rectangular concrete area featuring the monuments is surrounded by granite seating walls in a park-like setting, featuring trees, flowers, ornamental grasses and small shrubs. The perimeter is bordered with flagpoles bearing flags representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. An additional flag with blue and red stars represents prisoners of war, soldiers missing in action and wounded soldiers.

The memorial was designed to honor men and women of all branches of the military and from all conflicts. Utah youth can learn about Utah’s fallen soldiers, make rubbings of the commemorative bronze plaques, and share their thoughts and feelings through an accompanying annual essay contest.


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