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San Pedro has many stories. There was the first schooner, Guadalupe, launched from its shipyards in 1831 and the long shore lore of creepy cargo loaded by hand. These stories now thread through the gardens and walkways of the Port of Los Angeles (also known as the Harbor Boulevard Parkway) in San Pedro, a sprawling public space rich with history and symbolism. The Story Rope that delivers San Pedro’s lore represents the shipyard and the shared history that ties people together. The Radiant Red® Granite that meanders along the parkway is reminiscent of the restored Red Car Line that once again transports the locals. And, the stories unfold in the font of shipping containers labeled on these shores. Coldspring worked closely with architectural firm AECOM when providing the stone for this project.

“The Harbor Boulevard Parkway is one part of a much larger revitalization project that spans many miles and hundreds of acres along the Port of Los Angeles.” Approximately 5,500 cubic feet of granite, was utilized for this phase of the project. Cubic benches in Radiant Red® featuring Polish and Rock Pitch facing. Intricate and unique stone carvings meander throughout the parkway telling the shipyards history. Radiant Red was also used for the story rope, plaza paving, seat walls, benches, and game tables. Amber Gold granite is also utilized for the radial paving and game tables.

Photo Credit David Lloyd

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