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NPHC Legacy Plaza

Project Team

Auburn University

Landscape Architect:

HNP Landscape Architecture

General Contractor:

Rabren General Contractors

The NPHC Legacy Plaza at Auburn University is a significant project that celebrates the historical contributions of Black Greek Letter Organizations on campus. The Plaza serves as a physical representation of the impact these organizations have had on fostering civic engagement, leadership, academic achievement, and a sense of belonging for students.

The initiative to create the Plaza was driven by students, alumni, and community stakeholders who recognized the lack of architectural recognition for the “Divine 9” on Auburn’s campus. After unanimous support from the Auburn University Student Government Association, the Legacy Plaza project gained official recognition from the Auburn Board of Trustees.

Located centrally on campus, adjacent to the new student center and Jordan Hare Stadium, the Plaza’s strategic position ensures its visibility and significance.

Coldspring, a company with a successful track record on campus and prior work with the landscape architect, was chosen to provide Mesabi Black® granite with various finishes as well as bronze for the Plaza. The selected finishes included polish, Diamond® 10, rock pitch and rub & sand.

The Plaza’s grand opening on September 30, 2022, was attended by over 400 students, staff, alumni, and friends, demonstrating the widespread support for the project.

The NPHC Legacy Plaza stands as a meaningful space for education, reflection, and celebration of the contributions made by Black Greek Letter Organizations. It fosters a sense of belonging for current students and provides an opportunity for alumni to connect with their heritage and the Auburn community.

Overall, the project exemplifies Auburn University’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and recognizing the importance of its diverse student body. The NPHC Legacy Plaza serves as a timeless reminder of the lasting impact of these organizations on campus and beyond.

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