Case Studies

National Korean War Memorial

Project Team

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and National Park Service/Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation


Louis Nelson Associates & Hartman-Cox Architects

General Contractor:

Faith Construction, Inc., R.J. Crowley Inc. and White Turner Construction


Frank C. Gaylord, II


Lorton Stone, LLC

Thirty years after the American men and women of the Korean War came home, Congress at last recognized their sacrifice and record of selfless services by authorizing a new Korean War Veterans Memorial.

The Academy Black® granite wall etched with a symbolic mural, stands 165 feet long and ranging in height from eleven to 4 1/2 feet as the terrain rises.

Featured on the granite wall is a sandblasted mural which incorporates more than twenty four thousand faces computer-copied from anonymous photographs at the National Archives. Bands of Polished granite across the memorial’s ground suggest the tilled terrain in parts of Korea.

The Korean War Veterans Memorial honors those Americans who served our country under trying of circumstances, and those who gave their lives for the cause of freedom.

National Korean War MemorialThe unveiling of the Wall of Remembrance at the Korean War Veterans Memorial on July 27, 2022, marked a poignant addition to the National Mall. This meaningful project pays tribute to over 36,000 Americans and 7,100 Koreans who made the ultimate sacrifice during the war. The 100-block wall, thoughtfully organized by rank and service branch, communicates the unequal burden carried by the military.

In the collaborative effort behind this commemorative initiative, various stakeholders contributed their expertise, and among them was Coldspring. Selected for its proficiency in producing consistent blocks with Academy Black Granite, Coldspring played a role in the construction process. The decision was based on factors such as production capabilities, adherence to construction schedules, and the provision of a full-scale mock-up, which assisted in the project’s conceptualization and approval.

The project’s expansive scope unfolded as a comprehensive canvas of remembrance. One hundred stone blocks, each intricately engraved with the names of those who served, created a solemn narrative. Academy Black Granite, chosen for its color consistency and quality, contributed to the project’s aesthetic and symbolic unity with the original Korean War Memorial.

The installation process posed challenges, demanding precision in fabricating and arranging large stone blocks. The strategic placement of these blocks around the reflecting pool created a distinctive visual spectacle, especially when illuminated at night. Lighting was employed not only for its aesthetic value but also to enhance the memorial experience for visitors.

Throughout the project’s journey, Coldspring navigated challenges, contributing its expertise where needed. The quest for “clear” material for the blocks presented a hurdle, but experience in the Academy Black Quarry proved invaluable.

Coldspring’s contributions extended beyond the technical aspects. Notable among these was the full-scale dry set mock-up of all blocks, facilitating visualization and refinement by designers. This proactive approach significantly benefited the project’s owners and architects, ensuring a cohesive and impactful final result.

National Korean War Memorial

As the Wall of Remembrance graces the National Mall, it stands as a collective achievement, not merely a testament to one entity’s prominence. This collaborative effort harmonizes historical reflection and contemporary craftsmanship, serving as a timeless reminder of sacrifices made during the Korean War. The project resonates with the fundamental truth that “FREEDOM IS NOT FREE,” embodying the enduring spirit of those who served.


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