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Most Holy Redeemer Community Mausoleum

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Albany Diocesan Cemeteries / Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery


Griffith Dardanelli Architects PC


Thomas Neri & Associates Building and Restoration

The decision to build a new mausoleum at Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery came because of the need for more crypt and niche spaces to better serve the families in the region. The mausoleum at Holy Redeemer was designed to fit in to the environment around it. Natural materials like granite, limestone, pine logs and cedar wood were used to create an Adirondack theme. These materials were selected for the design by the Architect to create a warm and inviting atmosphere where families could commemorate their loved ones in a tranquil relaxed atmosphere.

Most Holy Redeemer Community Mausoleum

Kasota Valley® Limestone was selected for its warm hue characteristics. This visually stunning stone is stronger and less absorbent than commonly used limestone. Its exceptional characteristics make this stone ideal for building facades that withstand the elements.

Granite made an ideal mix to the material on this building with its beauty, durability and permanence. The colors were selected by the architect to complement the limestone and wood in this tranquil structure.

The Mountain Green® granite from AuSable Forks, NY is indigenous material tying local roots to the project. The Lake Superior Green® granite on the building comes from the Lake Superior National Forest in the Northern portion of Minnesota. In total, the new mausoleum contains 992 crypt spaces and 794 niche spaces as well as a chapel space to hold services.

The permanence, durability, beauty and low maintenance of natural stone made it a perfect material to incorporate when commemorating a loved one.

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