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Middletown Community Health

Project Team

Robert Olson + Associates

The Community Health Center of Middletown’s rooftop garden was designed to absorb storm water runoff, cool the building and promote educational opportunities for students and visitors. Mountain Green® granite was used to create paving as well as part of a calming water feature that sits in front of a green wall.

As the architect on the project, David Miller of Robert Olson + Associates worked closely with representatives from Coldspring to find a stone that would replicate the natural look of weathered roughbacks. After visiting Coldspring’s Au Sable Forks quarry several times, he selected the stone because of its resemblance to exposed granite seen while hiking in the Adirondacks.

The large 12′ natural-formed rectangular slab in a mineral finish has a water jet cored through the slab that forms a triangular flow of water that cascades over the natural stone and falls into a shallow pool. The pool also incorporates two rectangular bee basins located away from splashing water and filled with fine gravel to provide a safe source of water for bees.

The roof garden is a 12,400 square foot intensive green roof on the fourth floor of this independent healthcare center designed to provide state-of-the-art integrated healthcare to the underserved.


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