Case Studies

Explicitus Est Liber | Memphis Scroll

Project Team

Diana Goldberg, Brad J. Goldberg, & Garrison Roots

Memphis’s Central Library is a collection of endless resources needed to satisfy visitors’ need for knowledge and information. Carnelian® granite was utilized for the scrolls and paving which features intricate carvings of symbolic manuscripts and artwork. The sculptures, located at the library’s entrance, is an invitation to the community to explore the library’s offerings.

The piece tells a story of history, culture and human spirit as it opens up across the entrance plaza showcasing intricate patterns of symbolic manuscripts and artwork.


Three Artists, Brad Goldberg, Diana Goldberg, and Garrison Roots collaborated on the artwork for the project. The project involved a tremendous amount of research for source material, the learning of new software for designing the scrolls and using a plotter with a knife blade to cut approximately 2,000 sq. f. of rubber templates for sandblasting, the laying and picking of the templates, etc. The Artists were informed that they had stretched the limits of the software available at the time of fabrication in one of the first projects that used such extensive imagery in stone.



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