Case Studies

Children’s Memory Garden

Project Team

Metro Parks and Centennial Park Conservancy

Landscape Architect:

Nelson Byrd Landscape Architects


Jackson Masonry

General Contractor:

Dowdle Construction Group

Located in a prominent area of Centennial Park, the Children’s Memorial Garden serves as a place of solace and reflection for families and friends mourning the loss of children to violence. The memorial, spearheaded by Andrea Conte, former first lady of Tennessee, stands as a testament to the devastating impact of violence on the community and the resilience of those affected. The garden’s design, with its symbolic elements and unique features, conveys a powerful message of remembrance, hope, and unity.

The decision to partner with Coldspring for this prestigious project was influenced by several factors. Landscape Architect Nelson Byrd Woltz’s established relationship with Coldspring provided the necessary assurance of reliable technical capabilities and support. The architects were confident in Coldspring’s ability to deliver high-quality, durable materials that would endure for decades. Secondly, the granite material offered by Coldspring allowed for large cubic piece sizes, enabling the creation of impressive and intricate features for the memorial. Lastly, the Echo Lake® color of the granite complemented the surrounding park, ensuring a harmonious integration of the Children’s Memorial Garden into its natural environment.

The primary objective of the project was to renovate the Children’s Memorial Garden to create an inclusive, handicap-accessible space that could accommodate larger gatherings. The original garden, paved with stone markers, presented challenges with standing rain and limited accessibility during heavy downpours. The new design addressed these issues while also providing a dedicated space to remember and respect the children who lost their lives to violence.

The project’s uniqueness lay in its scale and complexity. The granite pieces supplied by Coldspring were notably large and heavy, demanding meticulous installation precision. The design incorporated cubic work and radial elements, further adding to the intricacy of the construction.

The installation process was a collaborative effort with Jackson Masonry, the installer. Jackson Masonry had to meet the challenge of precisely assembling the granite pieces in complex configurations with tight tolerances. The hard and dense nature of Echo Lake granite posed its own set of challenges during fabrication and installation. However, the team’s dedication and coordination with Coldspring and other partners ensured a successful outcome.

Coldspring’s contribution to the project extended beyond supplying durable and aesthetically pleasing granite. Their excellent communication with the design and construction teams, including general contractor Dowdle Construction Group, streamlined the coordination and ensured efficient translation of design concepts to fabrication. The hardness of the granite material also promises lasting beauty and low maintenance for years to come.

The collaboration between Nelson Byrd Woltz, Coldspring, Jackson Masonry, and other partners brought the Children’s Memorial Garden to life—a serene and contemplative space where the community can honor the memories of lost children. The enduring granite material from Coldspring ensures that this meaningful tribute will stand the test of time, touching the hearts of visitors and encouraging advocacy against violence for generations to come. The success of this project serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, compassion, and dedication in bringing forth meaningful community initiatives.


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