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Boch Pavilion

Project Team



Eric Inman Daum, LLC

Interior Designer:

Anthony Catalfano Interiors

Landscape Architect:

Brian Frazier Design

Landscape Contractor:

R.P. Marzilli & Company

General Contractor:

Kenneth Vona Construction

Marble Contractor:

Piero Zanella S.R.L.


Kenneth Castellucci & Associates Inc.

Well-known Bostonian Ernie Boch, Jr., the president and CEO of Subaru of New England, began rehabilitating a historic mansion in the city’s Norwood neighborhood and building out his surrounding estate in the 1990s. A 1/3-acre garden is one of the property’s most recently developed features, and its focal point is a memorial pavilion for the interment of Boch’s family members—and eventually, for Boch himself. The pavilion’s design incorporates granite from Coldspring, which complements other traditional materials such as mahogany, marble, bronze and copper.

The Greek Doric style building was designed by architect Eric Inman Daum. The building’s upper chamber incorporates light and color and is capped by a dome and copper cross that direct attention heavenward. The crypt is styled in shades of gray, black and gold to establish a more introspective atmosphere. Coldspring’s Charcoal Black® fit the specification for black stone, which was used for the building’s outside columns, interior and exterior cladding and stairs.

Outside, the memorial is fronted by a sunken lawn and a pebble terrace made of black and white beach stone embedded in concrete. It is flanked by London planetrees. Charcoal Black stone is used in the landscape design as well as for benches and paving, contributing to the restful environment that will   draw visitors for relaxation and contemplation.

Coldspring had the expertise necessary to partner with the architect on developing construction and fabrication plans for the pavilion’s intricate design. The Doric order of classical architecture is defined by specific characteristics in the building’s columns and entablature (the band of moldings above the columns). Triglyphs, or stylized carvings which mimic the ends of wooden support beams, are spaced at regular intervals along the entablature. Historically, these pieces would have been hand-carved by master craftsmen. For the Boch pavilion, the team achieved an equally high level of craftsmanship — and did so economically — by modeling the detailed design in 3D software prior to construction and using 5-axis milling machines to cut triglyphs into the stone.

The client’s vision was to have a historic building type constructed with accuracy and precision. Coldspring’s product selection—as well as its professional design team—helped the vision become a reality.

2019 Pinnacle Award Winner: Residential – Single Family
Photo Credit Warren Patterson Photography



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