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Adams Private Estates® Mausoleum

Project Team


When creating their Private Estates® mausoleum, it was essential for the Adams’ family that the entire ensemble represents the contemporary, classical-style the owners enjoy. To accomplish this goal, sanded Sierra White® granite was used, because the Polished white stone shows the curves and carvings that were so essential to the family request.  The battered base of the building sets the tone for the wonderfully curved walls and column caps.  Adding to the architectural appeal are stained glass windows that make the interior space well-lit and highlight the four columns and spacious interior. In the front area of the family mausoleum, patio walls, and two benches, were designed to represent a football from overhead.

Height: 21′ 8″  |  Width: 24′  |  Depth: 26′ 2″  |  Approx. Weight: 519,000 lbs.



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