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PHOTO CREDIT: Emanouil Spassov | HGA

brookingsThe Brookings Hospital located in South Dakota underwent a 62,000 square foot expansion to help meet the healthcare demands of the community. The expansion was largely adding space to the existing building, but a new exterior space was also completed creating an inviting entrance to the hospital. Coldspring’s Carnelian® granite was used throughout the landscaping in the form of as found boulders. The architect visited the quarry, searching through trees and grass to find boulders that intrigued him and fit with the natural look he was seeking. Coldspring representatives then worked with him to figure out how each stone could be used to complement his design. Some pieces needed minor shaping to fit into his vision and Coldspring was able to fulfill these modifications at the quarry keeping costs down by not having to move the pieces to a fabrication facility. In total 12 as found boulders were selected, later becoming 18 pieces after shaping at the quarry.

The unique granite boulders provide an appealing and interesting space in front of the new Brookings Hospital entrance.


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