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The Cutting Edge of Natural Stone Finishes

Our comprehensive suite of finishes is where you’ll discover a finish that perfectly conveys the inspiration behind your design. For custom finishes, our craftsmen welcome the opportunity to meet the most demanding design requirements. In fact, some of our most difficult custom challenges have evolved into some of our standard finishes.


Finish descriptions

Rough to the touch, this finish showcases the stone’s sparkling crystals against a lightened background.

A highly reflective, smooth finish that magnifies the stone’s natural appearance by illuminating the vibrant colors.

Diamond® 100
A semi-rough surface, this finish is textured to reveal vibrant colors in a deep, rich background.

Diamond® 300
A heavy water pressure treatment reveals the radiant crystals within the stone’s surface through a dramatically course texture.

Diamond® 8
This hone finish dramatically highlights the stone’s crystal structure while deepening its background hues.

Available only on limestone, this non-reflective, smooth finish draws out the stone’s natural colors and variations.

The process of sawing leaves slight grooves, swirl marks and lines on the stone’s surface, softening its natural traits.

Diamond® Smooth
This limestone finish is non-reflective and mutes the stone’s natural traits to create subtle contrasts and highlights.

This finish highlights the stone’s vibrant colors and crystals through a smooth surface textured in soft waves.

Diamond® 200
A consistent, coarse-textured surface that exposes the natural beauty of the stone’s crystals on a pronounced jagged background.

Rock Pitch / Split and Dressed
A natural, jagged cleft-face design permeates this finish, with trimmed edges that create a rugged, yet defined effect throughout. Faces will be convex.

Rub and Sand
Semi-smooth and light in appearance, this finish creates a subtle contrast between the stone’s color and crystals.

Both rough yet soft to the touch, this finish contrasts the vibrant crystals against a lightened background.

Diamond® 5
Non-reflective, smooth. Subtle contrasts and highlights bring out stone’s colors.

Diamond® 10
This finish richly highlights the stone’s reflective crystals, enhancing and contrasting with the depth of the darker colors.

Bush Hammer
Crystals are uniformly fashioned to create a light-on-dark “stippled” effect across the finish’s coarse surface.

A natural, jagged cleft-face design permeates this finish, with untrimmed edges that create a rugged effect throughout. Faces can be convex, concave or flat.

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