4 Advantages of Online Account Management

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When thinking of innovations that make life easier in modern times, a number of things may come to mind. Mobile phones keep people connected wherever they go. Kindles offer an entire library of books in one hardcover-sized pad. And the Internet allows access to information of any kind — at any time of day or night. For those in the funeral home and memorial industry, online account management is one of the biggest innovations that has made work life easier.

Like other types of online account management, such as online banking, managing an account with your memorial vendor provides numerous benefits. Today’s account management for funeral and memorial professionals allow them to experience definitive advantages through 24/7 access to:

  1. Order and shipping status. With anytime access to order status, memorial professionals can quickly and easily see what phase their product is in, which makes it easier to provide updates to families. Additionally, having access to shipping reports allow users to track shipments so they can better plan for delivery and installation.
  2. Order history. Access to order history allows memorial professionals to look back at the memorial orders they’ve placed. This could be helpful when families are looking to match another family member’s memorial bought from you previously. Order history details may also allow memorial professionals to understand size and color trends in their area or re-create popular memorials quickly and easily, all aimed to improve the experience for families.
  3. Electronic documents. Users can easily view any outstanding quotes that are upcoming or overdue, and have the ability to download and print copies of quotes for your records. Another benefit of having your account information online is the ability to quickly email drawings of memorials to the families you serve. Once the family has reviewed and approved the drawing, sending the order into production is seamless.
  4. Design tools and other special features. Through an online account, users may access their vendor’s proprietary features, such as an online design tool, that creates a real-time memorial design rendering to streamline the selection and ordering process or design look books for guiding a family through options. Having quick access to brochures, order forms and pricing information from your vendor can also be helpful.

While every online account management system offers different features and tools, the advantages of having access to an online tool helps memorial professionals show responsiveness to their families and better manage their day-to-day operations. Orders can be tracked online, planning can occur for delivery and installation, and management of freight and related expenses can all help keep operations running smoothly.


Coldspring’s online account management system, MyColdspring, offers a safe, secure and easy-to-access portal where our customers, based on their user permissions, can access:

  • electronic price books
  • quotes, current orders, and invoices,
  • powerful reporting functions on order history, bronze warehouse, price protection and unshipped pieces
  • online approvals or revisions of drawings
  • online ordering of inventory, many available for immediate shipment
  • order forms, marketing brochures, and emblem viewers

MyColdspring also integrates with other related systems, such as Personal Reflections, with one click – making it easier than ever to create customized, personal memorials that truly tell a loved one’s story.

If you’re not among the Coldspring customers taking advantage of MyColdspring, sign up today to open an online account!

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