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  • One Stone, Many Expressions – 4 Reasons to Incorporate Multiple Finishes

    Think choosing one stone for your project means a boring design? Not if you choose multiple finishes! Different finishes can create a variety of shades and tones and strikingly different looks while unifying the space. Here are four of our top reasons to incorporate multiple finishes into your next project.

  • 4 Ideas for Creating High-Impact Small Spaces

    From sculptural seating to artistic landscape elements and water features, designers are using stone to bring the natural element into their small-space designs. Here are four ideas for incorporating natural stone into your small-space design to create big-impact results.

  • 3 Tips for a Successful Virtual Selection

    Successful memorial professionals have the ability to sense a family’s needs and meet them wherever they’re comfortable. In today’s environment, meeting a family where they’re comfortable takes a very literal meaning.

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