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Build Tranquil, Architecturally Inspiring Memorial Destinations

As a response to the increasing desire for above-ground burials, community mausoleums provide pre-assembled or customized entombment options. These memorials allow communities to celebrate the lives of loved ones in beautifully designed settings, customized with quiet spaces for meditation, gardens and chapels.

Dream without limits and develop with confidence

Coldspring specializes in the design and construction of compelling, visually distinctive structures to meet the cremation memorial needs of families or communities. Whether you wish to build a highly customized space or prefer to get a head start with a pre-designed solution, our broad portfolio and expert team of designers will deliver the perfect solution for you. We can personally assist you through any or all phases of the process beginning at the planning stages, providing the guidance required to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget and as you imagined.

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