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Texas State History MuseumBullock Texas State History Museum, otherwise known as the Texas State History Museum, features many attractions designed to take audiences on an epic journey through the history of Texas.

Texas State History Museum The four story granite clad and copper roofed rotunda is modeled after the hundred year old Texas State Capitol. Rotunda arches are fully clad in Sunset Red® granite. It was decided to construct the building’s complex arches on a true radius rather than using facets. The result is a truly unique geometric design. Two granite clad interior staircases; one uses a spira design, which is also un-faceted. Interior paving in Polished Radiant Red® granite in a silhouette of the state of Texas with a breadth of 50-feet.

The project features a combination of finishes, Polish, Diamond® 8, Thermal, Diamond® 10 & Rockface, to create a timeless Texan masterpiece.



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