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With Cremation, the Need to Memorialize Remains

granite benchThe trend toward cremation has reached an all-time high. Today, studies show slightly more than half of people choose cremation over traditional burial due to its convenience, affordability and flexibility. And cremation’s popularity is expected to have staying power, continuing to grow until it eventually hits a plateau (at well over 50 percent). Accompanying this changing preference is the misperception that permanent memorials aren’t associated with cremation. Scattering remains— especially Hollywood’s depiction of it—is often associated with cremation. But in real life, families often experience a deep need to visit their loved one at a permanent location that won’t change if a property is sold or a location isn’t easily accessible. Having a place to visit a loved one is an important part of the healing process, and permanent memorials can help families through their grief. What’s more, selecting a lasting memorial is an important part of a family’s heritage. Memorials can tell important elements of the loved one’s life story to future generations. In some cases, cremation memorials incorporate elements symbolizing the loved one’s hobbies, interests, religion or military service. A permanent memorial can show the world the value and importance of a loved one.

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