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The Stone Industry Adopts A New Sustainability Standard

Mesabi Black quarryIn the February 2018 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine, Meg Calkins, FASLA, shares about the Natural Stone Industry’s new sustainability standard. The NSC and ANSI have recently released a quarry certification standard called ANSI/NSC 373-2013 Sustainable Production of Natural Dimension Stone. Coldspring’s Kathy Spanier was one of the founders of the standard along with a multidisciplinary group including academics, green building consultants, and stone industry businesses. Work on the standard began 12 years ago when the NSC recognized that stone was being left out of the sustainable materials conversation despite its obvious potential as a green material.

The multiattribute standard is designed to encourage sustainability practices in the natural dimension stone industry. It offers a series of environmental, social, and human health metrics for stone quarries and fabricators to improve their practices. Certification under the standard is third-party verified by NSF International, and quarries must periodically recertify to maintain their status.

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