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  • Bringing a Monument to Life through Hand-Sculpting

    Granite has been used to construct the world’s most beautiful and resilient monuments, and is used widely for artistic sculptures because of its limitless design opportunities and enduring durability.

  • Embracing the Celebration Trend

    To those who work in the memorial industry, it comes as no surprise that a shift is happening in the way our culture commemorates loved ones. In past decades, funerals and other rituals following death were a somber experience focused on the past. Today, more families are viewing death as the natural part of life that it is.

  • Memorial Trends Among the Generations

    When considering your plans to reach customers, it’s important to think through the generational differences that affect families’ decisions. Each generation has its own definition of what matters most. In Coldspring’s most recent research, performed in conjunction with Hanover Research, we examined the preferences of each generation and found some surprising results.

  • Cremation in America: The Surprising New Findings Behind the Trend. Hint: It’s Not Price!

    Current research from Coldspring and Hanover Research dispels the previously held belief that the primary reason people choose cremation is because it has a lower price point. In this article series, we dive into the new findings and explore the facts and strategies to help your memorial business prepare.

  • More Than a Final Resting Place

    The most recent addition to the property is a beautiful chapel and mausoleum, which was designed by Eric Inman Daum, AIA, and is an elaborate yet tasteful display of natural stone.

  • Haddock Private Estates® Mausoleum

    If you speak to Ron Haddock for a few minutes, you immediately know what’s most important to him – his family. That love for family led Ron and his wife Sandy to build a beautiful Private Estate® in Dallas, where the Haddocks have taken root for more than 30 years.

  • Why You Should Consider Multiple Finishes for Memorial Projects

    Granite provides an ideal building material for memorial projects due to its permanence, durability an natural beauty. Oftentimes, families think they need a variety of colors to achieve a beautiful memorial. However, choosing multiple finishes of the same stone can help create the contrast and variety they’re looking for while savings costs. Here are some of our favorite benefits of incorporating multiple finishes in memorial projects.

  • Are You Missing an Opportunity?

    An online design and ordering system can reap huge rewards for your memorial business and the families you serve. But many aren’t utilizing it! Here’s what you need to know.

  • 4 Advantages of Online Account Management

    When thinking of innovations that make life easier in modern times, a number of things may come to mind. Mobile phones keep people connected wherever they go. Kindles offer an entire library of books in one hardcover-sized pad. For those in the funeral home and memorial industry, online account management via the Internet is one of the biggest innovations that has made work life easier.

  • 3 Tips for a Successful Virtual Selection

    Successful memorial professionals have the ability to sense a family’s needs and meet them wherever they’re comfortable. In today’s environment, meeting a family where they’re comfortable takes a very literal meaning.

  • Serving Families with a Timely Turnaround

    As states across the country begin lifting stay-at-home orders and restrictions on group gatherings, cemeteries and funeral homes are seeing the return of funerals and memorial services. Many of you are opening your doors for the first time in months and are once again able to meet with families to give the care and service you’re passionate about giving.

  • Cremation Memorials: An option for everyone

    There’s little argument that the pandemic has had a profound effect on the grieving process. A recent quote by a funeral home worker stated that the COVID-19 pandemic kills twice. First, it isolates you from your loved ones right before you die. Then, it doesn’t allow anyone to get closure.

  • The Memorialist’s Response to COVID: Remember Your Calling

    During these tough times, there are no certain answers to the questions plaguing us all: What will the world look like after we move through COVID-19? When will social distancing be something of the past? Will our business return to its previous levels?

  • The Process of Successfully Selling Private Mausoleums

    The sale of a private mausoleum is generally considered a “big deal” at any cemetery, but it’s not the only definition of a big deal—your cemetery might have a different definition.

  • Embracing the Customer Experience

    As memorial specialists, we play a primary role in guiding families to select the best memorial to honor their loved one. Even as COVID-19 changes how we educate with more digital and web conferencing applications to interact with families, our key responsibility is to educate.

  • Honoring Veterans Through a Lasting Memorial

    As our nation recognizes Veterans Day, many of us will gather in our communities at veterans’ memorials. Veterans’ memorials serve an important purpose, as they pay tribute today to the men and women who have served in the U.S. armed forces.

  • The Importance of NSC 373 Certification: Why Coldspring Certified

    In recent years, the marketplace has become increasingly environmentally conscious. While leading companies in the natural stone industry have always adhered to environmental best practices, we knew it had become important that we as an industry verify these processes by an outside party

  • Inspired Design

    Santa Clara Mission Cemetery in Santa Clara, CA — The 59-acre cemetery, which traces its roots back to 1859, was running out of crypt space in its St. Joseph Mausoleum.

  • North American Quarrying

    As the national discourse surrounding tariffs for imported goods remains ongoing, the focus on domestic-manufactured products has reached an all-time high.

  • Sourcing Natural Stone for Your Monument Project

    For thousands of years, man has used natural stone to construct the world’s most beautiful and resilient monuments. Today, natural stone remains the material of choice for monuments and memorials across the globe.

  • Permanent Memorials Remain Important as Cremation Rate Rises

    It’s no secret cremation is increasing in popularity in the United States. More than ever, people are choosing cremation for its convenience, affordability and flexibility.

  • Maximizing Space for a Landlocked Cemetery

    Calvary Cemetery in Marshall, Minnesota, encountered an issue common to many cemeteries across the country. With burial space decreasing and nowhere to expand, the cemetery faced an uncertain future.

  • Making a Connection: Veterans Memorial

    Several years ago, Union Cemetery erected a veterans memorial on the east side of the property. The memorial was a way for the cemetery to honor those who served, but who were not buried on cemetery grounds.

  • With Cremation, the Need to Memorialize Remains

    The trend toward cremation has reached an all-time high. Today, studies show slightly more than half of people choose cremation over traditional burial due to its convenience, affordability and flexibility.

  • How to Create a Lasting, Memorable Memorial

    When it comes to creating a beautiful memorial that stands the test of time, nothing compares to the benefits of natural stone. As one of the most durable surfaces on the planet, natural stone can create a family legacy that will remain for generations to come.

  • Community Mausoleum at Holy Redeemer Cemetery

    In a ceremony attended by more than 100 members of the local community and beyond, Bishop Scharfenberger recently blessed the new Adirondack themed Community Mausoleum at Holy Redeemer Cemetery.

  • Honoring your loved one: Interview with Dan Rea at ICCFA

    At the recent 2018 ICCFA convention, Coldspring displayed two family cremation monuments that can hold the remains of multiple generations, as well as mark a family burial plot.

  • ICCFA Welcomes New President to the Association

    Christine Toson Hentges may not have planned to follow in her father’s footsteps, but fate has a funny way of intervening in people’s lives.

  • New Coldspring Columbarium Delivered to Byron Cemetery

    The Bath Township cemetery crew braved the unrelenting rain March 30 as Dodds Monuments delivered a new 16,000-pound Coldspring columbarium to Byron Cemetery, 3256 Trebein Road, and a huge crane gently lowered it into place.

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