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Murrieta Veterans MemorialAfter only eight weeks of construction – yet four years of planning — the city of Murrieta, Calif., dedicated a long-anticipated memorial to its veterans on May 31, 2010. With a deeply symbolic design concept, the memorial located in the city’s Town Square Park honors the experiences of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances.

Murrieta Veterans MemorialLocated in Murrieta, Calif., in the city’s Town Square Park, this veterans’ memorial features granite memorial walls and a 25-foot-tall pentagon-shaped granite obelisk reverently “draped” with an American Flag, created from intricately-laid granite pieces.
Constructed of polished Raven Black granite veneer, each side of the obelisk honors one branch of the military and is inlaid with that branch’s emblem in bronze. Coldspring created the bronze emblems at its bronze foundry.
The American flag atop the obelisk is constructed of granite in Indigo Blue, Red Dragon and Cashmere White colors. To create the flag pattern, all the jointing in the top section was angled. With the top five pieces of the obelisk being triangular shaped, all the dimensions had to be very accurate to match exactly.

The memorial wall to World War II incorporates photographs and images sandblast into the granite memorial walls to convey the veterans’ emotions, thoughts and experiences.

Murrieta Veterans Memorial Murrieta Veterans Memorial

The walls will maintain a different height and shape, just as each conflict was different. Each wall has numerous angles, and the panels that make up the walls are all sloped at the top. As such, calculating the exact dimensions of the walls was achieved through close coordination between Coldspring and the design team.

Coldspring worked closely with the design team to develop shop drawings for the numerous images to be etched in the walls. “They were instrumental in the process to develop shop drawings of our artwork,” said Neault. “They were very involved in the process and very precise.”


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