Goldman Private Estates® Mausoleum

Goldman Private Estates® MausoleumGoldman Private Estates® MausoleumWanting a contemporary private mausoleum that reflects their religious beliefs, the Goldman family incorporated the Star of David onto the door and a central patio feature. Sierra White® granite clearly shows the faceted sides, columns and dome of this exquisite Private Estates mausoleum. Skylights at the base of the dome, as well as the Star of David door, light up the vestibule. Surrounding a beautiful bronze central sculpture, the patio lined with benches provides a magnificent place to gather with loved ones. Located in a cemetery with many wonderful buildings, this unique mausoleum stands out amongst others. The Star of David door and central patio feature ties the family’s religious beliefs into the mausoleum. Sierra White granite clearly shows the faceted sides columns and dome of custom structure. Lined with granite benches, the grand patio offers a magnificent place to gather with loved ones.

HEIGHT: 14′ WIDTH: 21′ 4″ DEPTH: 21′ 4″




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