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Marquette Plaza

The Marquette Plaza Project (1998 to 2002) was a renovation and expansion of a Minneapolis icon, the Federal Reserve Bank. The old Federal Reserve Bank had historical significance to the city. Built in 1972, this Minneapolis landmark was transformed from a fortress-like government building to a unique class A multi-tenant office building and renovated plaza area.

Marquette PlazaMarquette Plaza

Existing 3-inch thick Charcoal Black® granite pavers were re-positioned as plaza features including wall seating, coping and vertical facing panels.

Coldspring, the original supplier of the Charcoal Black granite in 1972, was able fabricate the original pavers to re-purpose it as seating with a stacked design on planter walls. Of the total stone removed from the site, about thirty percent of it was trucked to Coldspring and re-fabricated for the plaza.


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