Memorial Design System

Personal Reflections®


This powerful, free online tool consolidates memorial selection and ordering into a single, seamless experience. It’s the most sophisticated and user-friendly memorial selection solution available anywhere. You can save time and streamline the process, all while providing a better experience for families and staff.

• Benefit from the industry’s most advanced and intuitive memorial selection tool. 

With Personal Reflections, your counselors guide clients through interactive memorial selection in a dynamic, Web-based environment that displays full-color photographic renderings of how a customized memorial will look as options are chosen. Families will appreciate the ability to easily see, compare and revise within your offering.  

"In the past when families would come in, they would spend a lot of time looking through catalogs and brochures to decide something so important without knowing what the end result would look like. Using Personal Reflections takes the guesswork out. There are no surprises."

 Sea Lawn Memorial Park 
Doug Turner 
Manager and Superintendent




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