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Retirement Systems of Alabama

The Retirement Systems of Alabama (RSA) – the administrator of public pension funds for Alabama’s state, local and public education employees located in Montgomery, Alabama’s capitol complex – required a new headquarters to accommodate expansion.

RSA, a longtime client through partner PH&J Architects, had used Coldspring to provide stone on five previous projects. To build continuity with the other projects, PH&J drew on design elements from these buildings, creating continuity while distinguishing the new building from the other structures through interesting designs and stone varieties.

  • More than 70,000 square feet of granite

  • Elaborate combinations of colors, finishes and patterns

  • Carnelian® granite: exterior cladding, plaza walls, benches, piers and interior flooring

  • Royal Sable®: exterior entry cladding, sitewall facings and caps, exterior paving, eighth-floor balcony paving and interior lobby

  • Patterns combine thermal and polish finishes

  • Unique bookmatch design: interior lobby floor (forms an image in which the graining of the Rainbow® granite is mirrored four ways)

  • Close contact, coordination and interpretation of shop drawings and onsite tours of the fabrication processes by PH&J demonstrate exceptional quality standards and inform the selection process of colors and finishes