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Freedom Park Memorial

After years of fundraising, the September 11th Memorial in Naples, FL has finally been set in stone. The broad granite flag can be seen from one of the county's busiest thoroughfares, Goodlette Frank Road near its intersection with Golden Gate Parkway. Visitors can walk up and touch two steel slabs from the World Trade Center, or admire the flag and three granite benches that memorialize the three attacks of that day.The memorial was dedicated in September of 2016.

As visitors approach the memorial a bronze plaque holds a description sitting upon Lake Superior Green® and Sunset Red® granite. Coldspring's Carnelian® granite creates the stars of the flag, Sunset Red® in two finishes was utilized for the stripes, Mesabi Black® creates a base shaped as the United States and Kasota Valley® Limestone surrounds the bottom of the United States. An eagle, meticulously carved in Limestone by craftsmen from Coldspring, sits on the column next to the flag.

The memorial will stand the test of time, and serves as a reminder to all.

Photo credit to Albert Mountcastle