Coldspring History


1880  Henry Alexander, a Scottish stone-cutter at the age of 32, arrives in America. Henry Alexander marries Maggie Milne. They settle in Rockville, Minnesota and have six children. Nellie Jean, Patrick Henry, William Milne, Isablle Watt, Marion Gregg and John Cooper.
1898  Henry sole owner of the Rockville Granite Company and our legacy begins.
1900  Rockville Granite begins the century with a contract to fabricate the columns for the Rotunda of the new Minnesota State Capitol Building.
1913  Henry Alexander dies and wife Maggie and son Pat take over the business.
1917  Maggie Alexander dies, Pat leaves to fight in WW1, Maggie's son John returns from college to carry on the business.
1919  After Pat returns from the war, John and Pat Alexander consider Cold Spring, Minnesota, as a new location for their granite company; business community offers financial support.
1920  Construction of new plant begins in Cold Spring, with emerging technologies and advanced production line methods implemented.
1921  Acquired Diamond Pink® quarry - first major job was the Stearns County Courthouse six columns.
1924  Company name is changed to Cold Spring Granite Company.
1927  John Alexander develops plan to pursue more monumental business; opens Chicago sales office and hires first national sales manager.
1928  John Alexander becomes a single parent after the death of his wife Alice.
1929  Cold Spring Granite owns four granite quarries and posts record sales of $1.3 million.
1931  The Great Depression hits home: Chicago office closes, sales manager is laid off and revenues fall for the first time.
1939  Cold Spring Granite recovers completely; revenues return to pre-depression levels.
1942  The John Clark Granite Company in Rockville Minnesota, is purchased by Cold Spring Granite. Cold Spring Granite begins building ship components for the war effort.
1945  Company returns to granite work as war winds down.
1948  Pat Alexander dies at age 57; John Alexander becomes the company's president.
1950-58  Years of acquisition: Granite Mountain (Marble Falls, TX), Pyramid Granite Works, Royal Granite and Melrose Granite (St. Cloud, MN), Raymond Granite Company (Raymond, CA) and Lake Placid Granite (Au Sable Forks, NY)
1951-52  Company again retools and returns to war work during the Korean Conflict.
1953  Granit Bronz is born as Cold Spring Granite enters the bronze business to supply markers for the new memorial parks opening across the country.
1954  Work begins on new Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, CO)
1960  Explosion and fire destroys the Royal Granite operation creating an opportunity to merge the Royal and Melrose granite companies into one.
1964  An 11-story mosaic mural at the University of Notre Dame is completed.
1968  Tom Alexander is named president of the company, John Alexander becomes Chairman of the Board.
1972  Bank of America's 52 story world headquarters, with 350,000 square feet of Carnelian® granite becomes a signature project for the company.
1976  Chairman of the Board John Alexander dies at 78.
1976  An unprecedented boom in office building construction begins.
1978  John Alexander's son Pat travels to Europe with company engineers to view granite operations and technology; develops a vision for upgrading operations.
1983  Tom Alexander retires; Patrick D. Alexander becomes president of Cold Spring Granite and begins rebuilding the company with new technology to make it more competitive.
1985  Cold Spring Granite acquires red granite quarry in Fredricksburg, TX.
1985  Work begins on Franklin D. Roosevelt memorial to be constructed in Washington, DC.
1987  The new Granite West plant designed for mass production of thin granite for building products opens.
1988  Capitol Marble and Granite Company (Granite Shoals, Texas) is acquired.
1989-90  North Carolina National Bank project is awarded to the company.
1992  The Minnesota Veterans Memorial is completed.
1995  Korean War Memorial (Washington, DC) is dedicated.
1996  A second manufacturing facility is opened next to the Granite West plant for monument production. Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial is dedicated in Washington, DC. Cold Spring Granite receives ISO 9001 certification. Pat Alexander becomes Chairman of the Board and CEO and names Patrick J. Mitchell president and COO of the company.
1998  LEAN principles are adopted using a Kaizen methodology and a continuous improvement promotions office (CIPO) is introduced as a learning and doing function.
1998  The first phase of a new foundry for finishing bronze memorials is completed on the west campus and plans are made to add additional facilities and eventually consolidate operations on this campus over the next 15 years.
2000  Campus focus is to grow - organizational changes are made to set up vertical business units with singular responsibility for both selling and operations and a plan to enter into the rapidly expanding countertop business began.
2000  Opening of Mesabi Black® and Lake Superior Green® quarries.
2001  9/11 attack and recession followed.
2002  Second phase of new foundry completed in December.
2003  The countertop business plan for Granite Mountain Stone Design is accelerated with a national structure and sales force and a rapid expansion plan.
2004  Pat Mitchell retires and John Mattke becomes President and COO.
2004  Cold Spring Granite makes an investment in Granite Tops, Inc. with a plan to make a full acquisition over time.
2005  Plans are made to accelerate the consolidation from downtown Cold Spring to the West Campus to leverage LEAN improvements, reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Multi-year, multi million dollar IT initiatives are started to convert legacy systems to updated Oracle based information systems.
2006  The majority of the company's operational consolidation in Cold Spring is complete with the office, support services and the quarry system to come the following year. The move beyond granite to expanding into limestone and other materials is begun with the introduction of Kasota Valley® Limestone (KVL).
2006  Introduction of several new product lines, design series and merchandising systems accelerates the growth of the bronze business.
2007  The move into a new LEED Gold certified office headquarters completed in November 2007 with the support services move completed the following spring.
2008  Texas facilities are consolidated and a 20/20 initiative is established to focus on better utilization of resources, increase innovation and establish new business opportunities for the quarry materials business unit.
2008  The "great recession" is in full swing and the company's business model is challenged as variable and declining volumes become the norm for businesses across the globe.
2010  The Adams Private Estate becomes a signature project - Mr. Adams is the owner of the Tennessee Titans NFL franchise.
2010  Continued emphasis on consolidation, lean management, leadership development, collaboration and teamwork, technology. Changes are made to improve technology, efficiency and capability.
2011-12 Completion of Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial. Further expanding into limestone, sandstones and other resource alternatives. Opening of Echo Lake® quarry, Diamond equipment expansion, World Trade Center and Ralph L. Carr Judicial Center.
2013 Growth initiatives are beginning to take hold. Quarry materials including jetty, rip-rap and aggregates, improving international block sales. Rose Alexander passes away signaling the end of an era of second generation Alexander family. The strategic re-branding of Cold Spring Granite to Coldspring is begun.
2014 Coldspring is awarded a patent for a new laser technology for their Expressions in Bronze® offering. U.S. Patent No. 8,720,527
2015 Completion of Dilworth Plaza and Denver Union Station
2016   Coldspring awarded ANSI/NSC 373 Certification Gold Fabricator for Cold Spring, MN headquarters and Platinum Quarrier for Mesabi Black®, Charcoal Black® and Rockville® quarries.
2016  Acquisition of Stone Panels International LLC a wholly-owned subsidiary of Coldspring.
2017 John Mattke steps down as President of Coldspring and assumes a new role as a member of the Coldspring Board of Directors and President of Stone Panels International LLC. Greg Flint becomes President and COO of Coldspring.
2017 Completion of West Point Cadet Barracks and National Museum of African American History and Culture.